What is Family Medicine?

Family physicians provide primary care for people of all ages. We have received specialized training in the care of adults (screening, prevention, and treatment of acute and chronic diseases), children (normal development and screening for disease, acute and chronic illness), and in women's health (routine GYN care, prenatal care, vaginal deliveries, breast health, menopause).

As family physicians, we understand that your health and well being are part of a larger context – your family. By working with more than one member of a family, we have more opportunities to get to know you in your different roles. We understand that changes within your family affect your health. We respect and enjoy working with families of all compositions.

Alternative Medicine: We recognize that Western medicine is one of many healing arts, and does not provide adequate relief for all ailments. We work closely with our colleagues who practice complementary and alternative medicine, and are happy to provide referrals and/or coordinate care using a combination of Western and traditional approaches.