eClinicalWorks Patient Portal link HERE

Schedule your own appointment by clicking HERE.  If you've forgotten your username or password, you can login using your name and birthday.

Unable to schedule your own appointment?  You can text or call our scheduling hotline:  401-585-5894   This number is for scheduling only; all other messages will be disregarded.

To leave general messages for us, click HERE to enter your portal and send us a message, or call 401-246-1300 and leave a message.  We will make every effort to return your message within 24 hours on weekdays.


Page us by calling 401-350-5797.  When you hear the beep-beep-beep, enter your full phone number including area code and then the pound sign.  The second beep-beep-beep confirms page was sent.  Medical emergencies include the following:  urinary symptoms on a weekend, you're not sure if you should go to an emergency room, it's after hours or weekend and you may need an xray, strep test, etc.  Page us before going to an urgent care; often we can provide care on weekends without you needing to go elsewhere.  Administrative emergencies include things such as, "I'm at the radiology place and they don't have my x-ray order."   If it's not an emergency, don't page us.  If you're suffering or not sure what to do, page us.  If you're not a current patient or health care provider for one of our current patients, don't page us.  Really don't. 


We appreciate your efforts, but we are unable to return your calls to notify you that we have received your faxed requests.  We are taking care of patients, and calling you is not part of our job description.  We will, however, send records when requested by fax, usually within 10 business days.


Newborn infants are always welcome to join our practice immediately, and everyone else who would like to join the practice should email .  About 10% of our practice turns over each year, so we DO take new patients, but the average current wait is 3-4 years.   Please do not wait for us to seek medical care.